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Stivako has provided education, training and workshops for entrepreneurs, management and employees in the creative industry, and in particular the printmedia industry, for almost 80 years. We focus on those who are already working within a company and want to develop themselves further. Just like the professional field, the Stivako program is continuously developing. We are working on a daily basis to improve our offer so that our students are of great added value to the company they work for. We organize training activities in various areas of business such as management, marketing, sustainable employability, communication, leadership, quality, lean and sustainability.

Thanks to the extensive network of experts, trainers and teachers, we can meet all training and coaching questions, at all levels.

Stivako works together with the KVGO, the vkgo, the SCGM and SCCI, the Dienstencentrum. Stivako is a member of the European Graphic Media Network (EGIN). In addition, Stivako participates in various national and international projects, initiated by the European Union or the Dutch government. All this with the aim of optimizing the success of companies, stimulating innovation and deploying employees as sustainably as possible.

Our approach is personal, relationship-oriented and flexible. We also find it important to be a reliable partner, to stimulate creativity and to optimize the results for both companies and individuals.


Stivako has extensive experience in collaborating with many companies and organizations throughout Europe and in the Netherlands. There is or will be collaborated with these partners on projects initiated by the European Union or the Dutch government. These projects differ from each other in terms of theme, project form and duration. Stivako is often the project leader of the (inter) national project. Subjects that the project activities focus on include:

  • Market innovation
  • Sustainable development
  • Innovation support
  • Innovation of production
  • Sustainable production methods
  • Curriculum development
  • Competence development.

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A overview of our European projects

Completed projects

Stivako and EGIN

Stivako works with partners from Europe and is a member of the European Graphic Media Network (EGIN). Egin is the European Graphic / Media Industry Network, is the platform for collaboration of education, training, research & development and labor market projects. More information? Do you have questions? Call us: 0031 638031052 or use the contact form to request more information.