Future Skills and Sustainable Development in the Green Salon

The project Future Skills & Sustainable Development in the Green Salon (Green Salon) has organized a second conference and an expert meeting end of June in Arhus, Denmark. The central issues of the  expert meeting were:

  • Working as green certified hairdresser
  • Health and safety - Protection and prevention
  • Hairdressers for the Future, about the environment in the sector
  • Green Salon certification in Denmark
  • Certification of sustainable salons

More information on the presentations of the experts you can find on the project website Green Salon: www.greensalon.eu


The main goals of the Green Salon project is to develop:  new educational products like workshops on sustainability and innovation, entrepreneurial skills, teaching materials for schools and post vocational education about sustainability in the 'green' salon, a study of management systems of sustainability in the sector, a diagnostic scan and roadmap for businesses and schools, a physical sustainability game and an Internet awareness game about sustainability and entrepreneurial skills.


The participating organizations:

  • AARHUS TECH is a large educational institution in Denmark specialized in technical studies and offering a range of international activities.
  • EL PALO is a VET-institute in Spain. The educational levels offered by El Palo include baccalaureate, vocational training in beauty, hairdressing and Personal Image Consultant and Social Programs.
  • IGS (Institute de Gestion Sociale) in France, a group of higher education institutes, training centres (full-time, cooperative and executive) and research facilities based on the concept of an International Professional University.  
  • BRIDGWATER College caters for more than 15.000 full and part-time students each year and employs more than 1.000 staff. The student population comprises approximately 3.500 16 – 18 year olds, as well as 700 students following higher education programmes.
  • ROC van Amsterdam in the Netherlands is one of the largest community colleges in Europe with approximately 35.000 students; 3.500 part-time and fulltime staff spread over roughly 60 locations.
  • STIVAKO, a Dutch VET-institute for management and leadership in the print media and creative industries. Stivako is the coordinator of the project.


More information?

Visit the project website: www. greensalon.eu