EKFI PLUS - project

In recent years we have developed the EKFI platform in a European consortium. Here developers, teachers and schools can exchange learning materials with others with a closed purse. This EKFI project also revealed the need to develop teaching materials more together, across borders. Stivako has applied for a subsidy for the follow-up project at Erasmus+. This has been awarded and this project runs from September 2022.

A start is made on developing an education model and the ICT tools that will be integrated into the existing EKFI platform (ekfi.eu). The Learning Resources can then be created according to a structured method in collaboration with other authors/teachers. This using the newly developed modules on the web-based platform that supports the search for like-minded partners, helps define the definition of the development need and provides tools to facilitate the development. And can provide process and team support at different levels.

Research shows that teachers mainly develop subject matter at an individual level. The lack of tools to support the writing of learning materials leads to individual development of learning materials in a common field/topic. That in many cases is not written under specific quality guidelines and does not take into account other mindsets and knowledge of others. Working in teams, with different competencies, can yield high-quality innovative learning material with a different knowledge base. This with less effort and costs. Certainly if this material is distributed to a larger group of institutes via the platform. The golden rule applies here: alone you go faster, together you go further!

Revising and extending, translating or updating learning materials further increases the quality and usability. The exchange method (exchanging material for points) also contributes to making learning materials accessible at institutions with fewer resources or capacities via the expandable internet platform.

In this project we will also develop two sets of Teaching Materials desired by the sector. A set focused on technology and digitization. This learning resource will also be used to test the educational model and the ICT tools based on it in the practice of a development process by a team of authors/teachers in an international team. The second set of teaching materials focuses on the environment and the fight against climate change: this project aligns with this priority by developing learning materials aimed at circular economy and CO2 reduction in the communication sector. In this sector, research has been conducted into the various aspects of the circular economy and CO2 reduction and the involvement of companies in this. In the coming years, there will be a demand for more specific information about this in the sector. These learning materials are also used to test the model and the ICT tools.

The exchange platform developed in the project with its search options and the use of the exchange system contributes to the priority: “Further strengthening key competences in MBO” by increasing the quality, supply and accessibility of learning materials and research results within the CCI. Thanks to the available learning resources on the platform, the platform can contribute to the need for new competencies and thus changing job profiles and to strengthening key competencies due to the changing circumstances in the industry. Uploaded learning material can also be improved and expanded by the downloader(s) so that the quality can increase and the objectives can be better achieved. The original uploader can use and benefit from these innovations/improvements and additions.